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Codeine is a cough suppressant and narcotic pain reliever similar to hydrocodone and morphine. It increases the tolerance to pain, increasing comfort and much more. In addition, to reducing pain it also causes depress breathing and sedation drowsiness. It is frequently combined with aspirin or acetaminophen for effective pain relief. It is used to treat for suppressing cough and severe pain. It comes in the form of a tablet and taken by mouth.

What is the dosage?

•    The usual dose for an adult is 15-60 mg every 5-7 hours as needed.
•    The dose for cough is 15 mg to 25 mg.

Why use?

In chronic pain conditions, you think that why doctors prescribe codeine at all. Simply put, it is very effective and reliable to reduce severe and moderate pain. If you use this medication then you can easily reduce your pain.

It comes in the form of tablets so anyone can easily take it. The cost of the codeine is not so high so you can easily afford it. It is also used to treat cough suppressants. It is free from side effects that are the main reason for its popularity.